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  • Typically No Retainer - Easy Payments!*

    Typically No Retainer - Easy Payments!*

  • Do NOT Plead Guilty - Consult With Us First!

    Do NOT Plead Guilty - Consult With Us First!

  • Free 15 Min. Consultation - Call 24/7

    Free 15 Min. Consultation - Call 24/7

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Utah Criminal Defense Lawyers

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Typically No Retainer | Easy Payments*

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Our Salt Lake City Criminal Defense Attorneys are your Best Legal Option

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  1. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and have been in business for over twenty years.
  2. We have gotten amazing results for people for well over twenty years, and at very reasonable rates.
  3. Our focus is on criminal defense, as well as family law, bankruptcy, and employment matters. We have successfully handled thousands of cases, and because criminal, family, bankruptcy and employer matters often cross over into a person's world, we handle them all for you.
  4. The vast majority of our clients love us, and our winning percentage is AWESOME.
  5. We typically get cases reduced and/or partially dismissed, and sporadically get complete dismissals. Rarely do our clients not get very favorable outcomes.
  6. Unlike most law firms, we typically don’t even require a retainer! In other words, you can pay as you go, and most of our clients make reasonable payments.
  7. We typically answer every phone call, text message and email every day.
  8. We cover the entire state of Utah, including all state and federal courts, and handle any kind of crime.
  9. Our lead attorney, Gregory B. Smith, has personally trained over a dozen criminal defense attorneys, and he was initially trained as a prosecutor, so he knows how prosecutors think.
  10. We have put on seminars for other attorneys.
  11. We can most likely speak with you right now, and meet with you today.
  12. We happily meet with our clients at night and on weekends. We know you work for a living, so we make meeting with us as easy as possible.
  13. We can typically visit your loved on in jail the same day you call, and we will often do this free of charge.
  14. If you are not happy with us, we allow you to fire us at any time and for any reason. So, you’ll never feel "locked in" with us.
  15. We will understand you, and we will not judge you or your loved one.
  16. For us, every human life is precious, even if a person has made a mistake, no matter how small or large. We understand that we are called "humans" instead of "robots" for a reason: Nobody is perfect.

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Typically No Retainer - Easy Payments!*

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Utah Criminal Defense Attorney Gregory B. Smith

Reviews From Satisfied Clients

Greg Smith and Associates has hundreds of 5-star reviews, is recognized by Martindale-Hubble as a Platinum Level Client Champion, and has been awarded the Clients Choice award by Avvo.

"The domestic violence and DUI crimes that I was charged with would have ruined my career. Thank you for saving me! You are worth every penny I paid you."

"We were so afraid that my son was going to prison. You were compassionate and easy to talk to. We are amazed that you got the charges resolved. We were amazed at how thorough you were, and how you saw things that other lawyers that we had spoken to had not even noticed."

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Avvo Clients' Choice Award

Matindale Hubble Client Champion Lawyers 2018 Reviews

Google Reviews Google Reviews

Our Utah Criminal Attorneys Provide Immediate Assistance for People Accused of Crimes

Here is what we are typically hired to do:

  1. Try to get a person out of jail fast. We can usually meet with your loved one in jail the SAME day we are hired — and yes, we will definitely send your love, prayers and support! We work with bail bondsmen that are the most trusted and can get you the lowest bail rates possible. A bail bondsman we recommend is Sportsmans Bail Bonds.
    Do not hire a bondsman before contacting us! This is because we often get bail reduced dramatically, saving the family and/or friends thousands of dollars, or get the accused out of jail without having to pay any bail at all.
  2. Represent the accused, so that he or she can get the best deal possible. This may mean getting the case totally dismissed, negotiating a fair resolution, fighting the case at trial and/or appealing the case.
  3. Help people get charges and convictions reduced or erased from their criminal records, even if we were not the original attorneys.
  4. Let the accused know that his or her life is precious, and still has TREMENDOUS VALUE! Some of our clients are at rock bottom and think their lives are worthless (some are even suicidal). We do our best to lift their spirits, and we let them know that we will fight for them and that we truly care about them. We assure them that WE WILL GET THEM THROUGH THIS! There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Do not plead guilty until you consult with us!

Remember: Simply pleading guilty can be totally stupid, even if you are guilty. You still have rights, and you should not get a worse deal than somebody else simply because you want to take responsibility for what you have done! Do NOT plead guilty before you consult with us!

And please, talk to us before you try to talk to a prosecutor. It is often hard for us to undo the damage that has been done before we were hired. Criminal law is very complicated, and every judge and prosecutor has his or her own style and beliefs. We know those styles and beg you not to try to handle a case on your own.

Judges and prosecutors know us and respect us. We have a job to do for you, and they understand that. They know that we are honest, professional and willing to put in the effort necessary to pursue positive results for people like you.

Criminal Defense in Utah. Know Your Rights!

Whether you are charged with a state crime in Utah or you are facing federal charges, you should know that the prosecutors will work hard to see you convicted. If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, you need to know your rights and stick to them:

We are on your side. We will listen to you. Even if you believe you are guilty, we will strive to get you the best deal possible.

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Even if it is late at night, a Saturday or a Sunday, we encourage you to contact a Salt Lake City criminal defense lawyer at our office so we can get started defending your rights immediately. You can email us or call us 24/7. That's right, we are a law firm that does its best to help you 24 hours a day, even on holidays.

An actual lawyer will respond (usually our lead attorney, Gregory B. Smith). Our local number is 801-651-1512.

Most of our work is done in Salt Lake City, Utah, and in Weber County and Summit County. However, we travel statewide, from St. George (Washington County) in the south to Vernal (Uinta County) in the north.

We believe that people exist to have joy. Let us help put the joy back in your life!

Clients with disabilities or impairments
Access to our office is available to clients and their family members at all times. Special equipment and communication devices are available upon request for our clients with visual, hearing, speech and physical impairment. In addition, arrangements can be made for verbal or sign language interpreters if needed to communicate between our attorneys and the client and family. Please notify our law office if any additional accommodations related to your disability or impairment are necessary to make your consultation more comfortable.

Greg Smith and Associates
111 E. 5600 S. #105
Murray, UT 84107

Salt Lake City, UT


Typically No Retainer - Easy Payments. *Call for details.

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